Communication Protocol
in The Boat


The Steersperson - This is the only person in the boat other than the coach who should be giving orders or directions. Only he/she calls timing, calls paddles up, asks for draws left, rate changes etc.

Five Seat - Five seat can quietly communicate with the steersperson to assist in guarding the Ama.

Four Seat - Can take over the count if three seat or six requests them to do so. Calls "Four bailing" when out to bail.

Three seat - Three seat calls the Hut for the team. Three seat may adjust the stroke count on their own choice based on preparing the team for a buoy turn or water conditions.

Two seat - Communicates quiet encouragement to one seat. Two seat will also pass on messages sent up from six seat via the back of the boat.

One seat - One seat does not need to talk to anyone other than two seat. He/she may ask two seat for advice on the feel of the boat or she may ask for a message to be passed back to six seat if she is considering a change that six should be aware of. 

Are there times when we can talk to each other? It is appropriate to call out positive encouragement during a race or training session. Chit chat should be saved for water breaks, cool down and after paddling. If you are able to say more than two of three words while paddling you are probably not working hard enough.