Vernon Paddling Centre Manual


Common Terms:

Gunnel - n. The upper edge of the side of a vessel.
Bow - n. the forward end of a vessel
Stern - n. the back or rear part of a vessel
Port - n. the left-hand side of a vessel
Starboard - n. the right-hand side of a vessel
Paddles up - the command to lift paddles to the "set" position
Take it away - the command to begin paddling
Draw left - the command for seats 1 and 2 to lean out to the left and pull the canoe left
Hold the boat - the command to put your paddle in the water and hold it there to stop the boat
Let it run - the command to stop paddling
Easy - command to paddle easy
Ama -the outrigger float


Personal Equipment

A lot depends on your individual preferences, however, here are some basics you should consider:

PADDLE - The club supplies paddles to new paddlers.

DRINK - Paddlers should bring a small bottle of water or sports drink to carry with them in the boat.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES - A change of clothes and a towel are recommended

NEOPRENE - You'll see a lot of paddlers wearing neoprene (wet suit material) shorts. Neoprene is popular with paddlers because it minimizes chafing. Biking shorts work as well.

FOOTWEAR - All paddlers must help put boats in the water and bring them out. Early season, wetsuit booties, rubber boots, or running shoes and wool socks are recommended. Flip flops or sandles are good for warm weather.

GLOVES - Sealskin, waterproof, sports gloves or rubber for early season. Biking gloves for later season.