OC-1 and OC-2
Usage and Care


Please carry all the boats and parts to the grass near the water for rigging. No matter how careful you are in the compound, you will end up scratching the boats on the gravel.

Place the boats so that the rudders hang over the edge of the grass towards the lake. The rudder is the most common thing to be damaged on these boats.

If you find the boat too difficult to carry alone, make sure you use the small cart provided in the shed. Strap the cart near the front of the Iaku mount and wheel the boat like a wheel barrow to the grass.

Please put the cart away while paddling as it may be stolen. Return the cart when you return for the ama.

Watch the rudders while putting the boats in and taking them out of the water. Rudders get damaged when they do not have enough water depth and someone climbs on the boat.

Never put weight on the boats when they are out of the water. They will crack like an egg. They are designed for strength in the water, not shore.

Notify a member of the executive of any damage or maintenance required.

Always use the sign out sheet provided on the bulletin board at the Nut Hut.